Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ARE 4.0 Study Material

The AIBC has two complete sets of the Kaplan ARE 4.0 Study Materials as well as a complete set of Ballast Study Materials. These are available for loan (one week maximum). If you reside outside of Vancouver, the AIBC will cover the cost of couriering the material to you. However, you will be responsible for any return courier arrangements and costs. Plan ahead and make sure the study material you require is available before you book your exams. If you or the firm you work for would like to purchase a set of study materials, they are available at a discounted rate. For the Kaplan Study Guides, go to where they can be purchased at 20% off. Each study guide costs approximately $200 and the entire set is $1300. For the Ballast Study Guides, go to where they can be purchased at 15% off. The prices of individual books range from $29 - $67, but if you are looking for a “one-stop guide” you can acquire the ARE Review Manual, which covers all seven exams, for $127. Don’t forget that the NCARB website has some free practice questions.

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